This new version of StanBot contains the next updates:

  • Improvements in skip flow and skip options
  • Improvements to connect Jira connection flow

New skip flow and skip options

Our skip flow has been improved, and now it is displayed in a modal

You no longer require to type the usernames next to the command, it would be enough to type the command in channel where your stand-up is set up.

@standbot skip

Upon confirming the question a modal would be displayed with the options to select users and time of in which the users selected would be out.

You can select any user that belongs to the stand-up, including yourself and select the length of the skipping range:

  • Current stand-up
  • Next stand-up
  • This week
  • Date range
  • Indefinitely

Connect your Jira instance easily

Our Jira connection flow has been simplified. Using the same commands, you can connect your Jira instance with your Slack workspace. By clicking on the link generated after the command, you will redirect to a confirmation screen in Jira.